Craftty allows you to design and create paper figures.

It is also a community website, we dreamt a place connecting virtuality with reality. You can have your virtual figure in real life too and, share your amusement with other people who like paper art. You can also give life to your figure designs with printing them and create 3D figures. We need members to create a great paper art community now.

For young people:
Making paper toys which looks like you and your loved ones is really fun. If you are done with all the same boring gifts you give to your friends and family, here you can make amazing paper gifts with Craftty.

For parents :
Making craft with your little family members provides you and your children quality time together and helps their mental and physical development.

For craft artists :
We offer you a platform that you can show your paper art skills, join a community includes many people from kids to professionals, and generate income with selling your paper art pieces.